The new material blend is said to consist of a formula, which contains more than 50% recycled content


PAC Machinery has introduced new Recylene bag material. (Credit: PAC Machinery)

PAC Machinery, a provider of heat sealing and flexible packaging solutions, has introduced a new Recylene brand recycled / recyclable bag material.

The new material blend is said to include a formula that contains more than 50% recycled content, which is a combination of industrial and consumer recycled poly.

The recycled consumer material is sourced primarily from the curbside recycling of food-quality poly used in milk jugs, said the company.

Recylene is said to minimise the impact on the environment, as it will be used 30% less in smaller quantities compared to in standard mailer bags.

PAC Machinery stated that the cost of Recylene is only slightly higher than that of a conventional poly mailer and research has revealed that consumers are ready to pay more to contribute to a cleaner environment.

Recylene mailer bags will efficiently run on virtually any automatic poly mailer bagger. When used on the company’s high-speed R1285 automatic bagger, the combination serves as a better solution for fast and environmentally-conscious e-commerce order fulfilment packaging.

The high-speed Rollbag R1285 automatic poly bagger using Recylene bags has the potential to add the fastest tabletop order packaging system.

In addition, the thermal printer can be easily incorporated into any warehouse management system and offers a range of connectivity options to meet multiple application requirements.

PAC Machinery sales and marketing vice president Greg Berguig said: “Our new Recylene material uses a special blend of consumer and industrial recycled material that exceeds 50% of the total bag material content.

“We believe the use of our newest bag material, which contains a much higher recycled material and is thinner and stronger, is a winning combination that will appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers.”

Based in San Rafael, California, PAC Machinery’s product portfolio consists of bag sealers, vacuum sealers, shrink packaging systems, automatic baggers, and pre-opened bags on a roll.