The new unconventional labeling solution is said to be more cost-effective than traditional box packs


Multivac has introduced new full wrap labeling solution for pizzas. (Credit: MULTIVAC)

Packaging solutions provider Multivac has introduced a new full wrap labeling solution for pizzas and other flat food products.

The new unconventional labeling solution, which is said to be more cost-effective than traditional box packs, has been designed to meet the increasing demands of the market in terms of sustainability.

Hinged trays, thermoformed packs, standard trays, or film solutions are generally used for fresh or frozen pizzas, tortillas, pitta breads, quiches, tart bases and other flat products.

They are usually packed using a pre-printed film with top and bottom labels or a cardboard sleeve. Pizzas are packaged in a complete box.

Multivac said that the L 310 full wrap conveyor belt labeler has been designed to better meet the packaging and labeling requirements of such products.

According to the company, the flexible model with its driven and extra-narrow transport conveyors makes the C labeling and D labeling of packs possible at speeds up to 120 packs per minute

The labeler also allows its usage with an integrated printer, a zero-downtime function and label/print monitoring to improve output, efficiency and process.

Multivac provides a range of suitable label materials and adhesives to better meet the labeling requirements of the packs on the machine.

The range also consists of sustainable materials made of paper or from renewable sources, in addition to PP and PET labels.

Multivac marking and inspection product manager Michael Reffke said: “By matching the label material to the packaging material, we can ensure that the constituent parts of the pack can be separated to meet the recycling requirements.

“Adhesives, which can be dissolved or washed off, enable the individual packaging components to be easily separated, so that they can then be directed to the particular recycling stream.”

In November last year, Multivac divested its majority stake in Finnish packaging company Trimaster, which has expertise in different packaging processes within the food and health care industry.