The integrated cloud-based solution is expected to deliver serialised label management with reduced operational costs


Movilitas and NiceLabel intend to simplify serialised label printing. (Credit: Antonio Corigliano from Pixabay)

Movilitas, a provider of next-generation of solutions and consulting services, has integrated its Movilitas.Cloud software with NiceLabel’s cloud-based label printing solution to simplify serialised label printing for highly regulated industries.

The integrated cloud-based solution is expected to deliver serialised label management capable of improving label quality assurance, reduce operational costs and manage product serialisation.

The firms said that the integration offers a self-service label management functionality that helps in ensuring product integrity across the extended supply chain.

Movilitas.Cloud business development global head Marc Blekkink said: “Highly regulated industries, such as life sciences and agrochemicals, must meet industry and governmental requirements for product authentication.

“The Movilitas.Cloud and NiceLabel printing integration helps manufacturers, repackagers and wholesalers streamline compliance and label management.”

Additionally, a streamlined functionality of the integrated solution allows pharmaceutical stakeholders to create a print order of serialised or serial shipping container code (SSCC) labels directly within Movilitas.Cloud to any connected printer or from mobile devices.

The cloud-based solution to reduce hardware investment and IT resource requirement

The combined cloud-based solution is also expected to reduce the hardware investment and IT resource requirement.

NiceLabel vice-president Ken Moir said: “At NiceLabel, we have created a cloud labelling platform that integrates with other cloud applications. This makes it easy to integrate a purpose-built label management system with other cloud-based business systems.

“The cloud-to-cloud integration capability allows Movilitas.Cloud and the NiceLabel’s Label Cloud to work together seamlessly.

“This provides a scalable labelling solution that meets regulatory requirements and speeds the validation process for the life science and agrochemical industries.”

In June this year, NiceLabel launched out a new cloud-based business model that will enable its partners to offer labelling solutions-as-a-service safely and remotely.