The mono-material solution is said to offer high barrier protection against both oxygen and water vapours, ensuring that the product remains fresh on the shelves of supermarkets


Mondi and Skånemejerier partner to launch new packaging for cheese products. (Credit: Mondi)

Mondi, a packaging and paper company, has collaborated with Swedish dairy producer Skånemejerier to develop a mono-material, polypropylene (PP) based packaging for the latter’s cheese products.

Under the partnership, Mondi will produce and print a mono-material base web and lidding film for the packaging.

These materials will be converted into packaging for Skånemejerier’s 1kg and 2kg blocks of cheese.

Mondi said that the cheese products with new packaging that is recyclable and will be sold in major Swedish supermarket ICA.

The packaging firm said the mono-material solution will offer high barrier protection against both oxygen and water vapours. This ensures that the product remains fresh on the shelves of supermarkets.

Additionally, it provides high puncture resistance to protect the cheese. It also offers printability for easy promotion of brand and recycling messages.

Skånemejerier packaging manager Ingemar Jönsson said: “Our collaboration with Mondi has been a thorough process: we started our first test and trials in 2019 and are delighted to be bringing this fully recyclable packaging to market before the end of 2023.

“The great working relationship we had, meant that we were able to adapt materials and machinery efficiently, resulting in a successful, fit-for-purpose solution.

“We have strong, effective and good-looking packaging that keeps materials in the loop and responds to consumer demands for more sustainable solutions.”

The launch of the packaging solution aligns with the opening of Site Zero in Sweden, a sorting facility for used plastic packaging.

The advanced facility will recycle old plastic garbage from Finland and Sweden when it opens in November 2023.

The facility will be able to efficiently sort this solution for recycling, supporting a circular economy, because of the packaging’s mono-material construction.

Mondi Nordic consumer flexibles regional sales Helene Brynell said: “Fresh products like cheese need to be packaged properly – and protection must go hand in hand with sustainable packaging.

“Our new mono-material solution is fulfilling exactly that: it keeps the cheese fresh while also keeping the packaging materials in circulation through design for recycling.”