The system is based on the Colibri scientific engine, distinguished by its right-first-time recipe-calculation function


Matchmycolor and TECHKON partner to offer best-in-class color-matching hardware and software services to the inks and printing industries. (Credit: matchmycolor.)

matchmycolor and TECHKON have entered into a partnership to provide the ink and printing industries with new, top-quality hardware and software services, which they will present at Labelexpo in Brussels from September 24-27.

Color software and IT service provider matchmycolor, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, is backed by more than 40 years’ experience of color management in a wide range of markets and applications. The company’s global brand, Colibri, was acquired in a management buy-out in 2009. Since then it has been continuously further developed and expanded.

“matchmycolor Colibri not only matches colors with extremely high accuracy but also facilitates color communication all over the world, making the whole color management process faster, more reliable and more flexible,” said Maxim Siniak, Business Development Manager at matchmycolor. “Colibri is ideal for brands that need to match and specify colors across industries and for applications such as printing, plastics, paints and coatings.”

At Labelexpo, experts will present a unique, new-generation Colibri one-software platform that uses a single data source, enabling communication throughout the color supply chain. The new software, which has a simple, state-of-the-art user interface, is modular in structure, making it easy for a wide range of users to design, specify, match, tint and monitor colors as well as to correct recipes. The system is based on the Colibri scientific engine, distinguished by its right-first-time recipe-calculation function. Designed to support specific workflows for the ink and printing Industry, the new Colibri software is suitable for both cloud and on-premise color management and uses advanced cloud-based data-analytics tools that allow monitoring of jobs and colors worldwide.

TECHKON, which has 35 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high-quality measuring instruments, is a leading solution provider for color measurement. At Labelexpo, TECHKON will present SpectroDens, recipient of the 2018 InterTech Technology Award.

“SpectroDens is one of the most innovative and rapid spectro-densitometers available,” said TECHKON’s Managing Director, Albin Baranauskas. “We will be showing new features designed specifically for inks and package printing.”

SpectroDens is an all-purpose, modern measurement device suitable for a wide variety of applications, including color formulation, verification of proofs, continuous quality control at the printing press, and pre-delivery inspection of paper and printed products. It combines the qualities of a highly accurate spectrophotometer with those of an easy-to-use densitometer. Measurement is spectral, ensuring that the entire color information ‒ or spectral fingerprint of the color ‒ is precisely registered. This is converted into measurement data for descriptive analysis and display.

matchmycolor Colibri and the SpectroDens work in accordance with printing-industry standards. The SpectroDens has proven highly compatible with Colibri® software and the two companies plan to take their development work further together.

Source: Company Press Release