Makoter is a Slovenian company that has expertise in the production of polyethylene foils and bags


Makoter has invested in Comexi S1 DS slitter with laser technology. (Credit: Comexi)

Slovenian company Makoter has invested in Comexi S1 DS slitter with laser technology to boost its production capabilities.

Makoter, which has expertise in the production of polyethylene foils and bags, has purchased the Comexi system to produce and launch new products into the market.

Makoter owner Saša Makoter said: “In regard to perforation, the quality and precise position, the possibility to define the strength of opening, and the ability to choose the model based on the needs of our customers, are the main primary arguments that have influenced us to purchase the Comexi S1 DS with laser technology.”

Makoter will use Comexi slitter to produce flexible packaging for hygienic applications

Makoter will use the Comexi slitter for the production of flexible packaging for hygienic applications such as toilet paper rolls, tissue towels, napkins, and handkerchiefs.

Suitable for tasks with large-diameter rolls, the Comexi S1 DS offers acceleration ratios that help to achieve high productivity, as well as enables to handle diverse challenges and reach top speeds without loss.

The integration of a laser-in-line processing system enables to customise, differentiate and use in different applications and finishing processes such as micro perforations, macro perforations, design windows, pre-cut adhesive labels, alpha numeric codes and bar codes, security systems.

Comexi Balkan countries area manager Alessandro D’Agostino said: “This is a very important partnership for us. Makoter, a leading company in its sector, has invested in a machine with a high level of technology and a total laser capacity of 1200 W.”

Based in Ljutomer, Makoter is also engaged in the production of bags for various retail and manufacturing industries. In 1981, the company was established to produce plastic bags for packaged frozen foods, and later expanded its operations.

With around 133 employees, the company manufactures more than 7,000 tons of different films.

In February, Brazilian flexible packaging converter Pamplastic Indústria de Embalagens Plásticas has invested in Comexi F2 MB flexographic press to boost its business.