Watttron plans to use the funds to further develop its technological capabilities for sustainable packaging solutions and expand its presence across markets in the US and Asia


Watttron develops digital heating systems for the packaging sector. (Credit: ECBF)

Watttron, a Germany-based digital temperature control systems developer, has raised €12m in a Series B funding round to advance its sustainable packaging mission.

The funding round was led by the Circular Innovation Fund, a global venture capital fund, and the European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF). Circular Innovation Fund, which is focused on circular innovation, is jointly managed by Demeter and Cycle Capital.

Watttron plans to use the funds to develop its technological capabilities for sustainable packaging solutions.

The proceeds will also support the digital temperature control systems developer to expand its presence across the US and Asian markets.

Watttron will be supported by its long-term partners, including Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (TGFS), SKion, Constancia New Business (CNB), the BA Rico Kleinhempel, and new investors on its sustainable packaging journey.

Watttron CEO Marcus Stein said: “Sustainability is more than just a trend; it’s a commitment we take seriously.

“We believe sustainable practices will shape the future of the packaging industry, and we are excited to contribute with the support of ECBF and the Circular Innovation Fund.”

The German firm develops digital heating systems for the packaging sector with a focus on sustainability.

Watttron has developed the cera2seal and cera2heat digital heating systems. Both thermoforming and sealing applications are intended to support the processing of sustainable materials without compromising productivity or quality.

The digital heating systems developer also opened its US-based office to serve North American customers.

ECBF investment director Guillaume Gras said: Watttron’s technology represents a quantum leap in sustainable packaging, drastically cutting carbon emissions by reducing material and energy usage, and enabling the use of monomaterials, which significantly enhances recyclability.

“Simultaneously enhancing production efficiency and cost-effectiveness, this investment signifies more than financial support; it’s a commitment to pioneering a greener, more efficient future in the packaging industry.”

Last year in October, the company collaborated with Volpak, a Coesia company specialising in horizontal form-fill-seal solutions, to advance flexible packaging through digital sealing technology.

Under the partnership, both parties agreed to integrate Watttron’s intelligent digital sealing technology into Volpak’s horizontal pouching machinery.