German plastics machinery firm Kiefel has agreed on a a long-term development and research cooperation with Watttron to develop future-oriented solutions for industrial molding of plastics.

Germany-based Watttron is a start-up spinoff of the Institute of Natural Materials Technology of the Technical University of Dresden and the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging Dresden.

The cooperation will focus on developing unmatched level of quality and efficiency, especially in packaging production.

The heating technology developed by Watttron will be used as the basis for the development goals. The technology is designed to enable precise heating of surfaces with the aid of square heating pixels.

Watttron managing director and one of the founders Marcus Stein said: “Together we will make a great contribution to the future viability of the technology."

The Watttron’s intelligent heating systems can also reduce material and energy consumption while meeting the requirements for flexible and highly efficient production.

Kiefel managing director Thomas Halletz said: "We are excited about our partner's technology and look forward to contributing our industry experience to develop marketable solutions for the key industries of packaging, medical and automotive.”

The project also involves development teams of Kiefel and subsidiaries Bosch Sprang and Mold & Matic.

Watttron provides supports for firms in plastics processing, packaging, medical and pharmaceutical technology as well as the food industry.