Gerber Technology announced that it has completed two exhibitions featuring the Gerber MCT Cutter and TigerVision software from 18th to 20th October, 2018.

28Dec - Gerber

Image: Gerber exhibited its Gerber MCT Cutter and TigerVision. Photo: Courtesy of Gerber Technology LLC.

Both products have been added to Gerber’s portfolio through its recent acquisition of MCT Digital, combining two rich histories of innovation in both hardware and software solutions.

At both SGIA in Las Vegas and Viscom Italy in Milan, the Gerber MCT Cutter and TigerVision software were on display in full production mode, demonstrating integrated finishing capabilities for digitally printed fabrics, industrial materials, sample making and short run packaging.

The Gerber MCT Cutter is a fully automated all-in-one cutting solution offering 12 modular tools, including state of the art laser cutting (for both fabrics and rigid materials plus etching) along with other quick change tools including heavy duty routing, oscillating knives, driven wheels, creasing wheels capable of applying up to 100 lbs. of pressure, and integrated workflow software.

Additional information about the solutions on display includes full workflow software capabilities with full RIP integration featuring, TigerVision – the innovative “cut-to-print” software that uses a single computer screen to provide complete job control and set up.

TigerPACK – the included easy-to-use and low-cost parametric modeling solution that runs circles around the industry’s most used software.

Not only are full libraries provided for boxes, packaging and POP, but new and unique designs may be added at no charge or for small costs if they are to be proprietary to the customer. Tilia Griffin software with its simple-to-use, full shape nested layout software.

Innovative high-speed heavy duty finishing with the Gerber MCT Cutter featuring a base, helical rack and pinion control and heavy-duty beam that together provide the fastest acceleration and speed in the industry capable of 5 meter widths without performance degradation.

Multiple tool options including oscillating, straight and kiss cutting tangential knives, multiple routing capabilities and even a laser cutter/etcher for those who want more capabilities to handle what their grand format printer is able to print.

Flatbed capabilities that can be fully automated at any time for conveying and sheet feeding, whether cutting with laser, router or knife. Cut widths from 63” to 195” and lengths from 63” to 189” or more.

Gerber Technology president and chief operating officer Scott Schinlever said: “Based upon the response in Las Vegas, the product leadership, engineering and technical knowledge of Gerber and MCT showed that the rebranded cutters will continue to provide countless and unique opportunities to help our customers improve their productivity, streamline their workflows and improve overall efficiency.”

The Viscom Show in Italy was conducted in partnership with FENIX Digital Group, Gerber Technology’s full service distributor of the Gerber MCT Cutter in Italy.

FENIX managing director Paola Mortara said: “The Italian market was extremely pleased to see the Gerber MCT Cutter for the first time. We received a tremendous number of leads from prospects who appreciated the high speed industrial performance and breadth of options available from this new cutter for the Italian market.”

Source: Company Press Release.