The new sustainable Greentote will allow grocery chains to ship groceries and merchandise

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Greentote is a better alternative to plastic shopping bags for retail grocery pickup or delivery. (Credit: DS Smith)

Corrugated packaging solutions DS Smith has introduced a new recyclable container called Greentote for grocery pickup or delivery.

Designed as an alternative to plastic bags, Greentote is a reusable, moisture-resistant, modular and 100% recyclable container made from renewable resources.

DS Smith stated that its Greentote alternative is developed as stores and supermarkets respond to the pandemic-driven jump in online fulfillment sales, BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store) and third-party grocery delivery services.

The new environmentally friendly, recyclable, reusable and food contact-safe solution is designed for the grocery chains to ship groceries and merchandise.

DS Smith North America packaging sales, marketing and innovation vice president Melanie Galloway said: “From staging orders to curbside pickup or delivery, our sustainable, renewable, fiber-based tote is sturdier than paper, keeps perishable and other grocery items organized and safe, and is reusable.

“Corrugated is the safest medium for transporting goods in our global supply chain, and Greentote takes that confidence one step further by being USDA food-contact safe.”

According to the company, 18 states already have executed legislation to ban plastic bags, and major retailers including Walmart, CVS Health, Albertsons, Dollar General and Dick’s Sporting Goods have joined “The Beyond the Bag Initiative” to revive the single-use plastic retail bag.

Greentote, which is produced using cardboard and available in two sizes, has the potential to hold over three times the number of groceries than plastic bags and can interlock with each other.

The new recyclable container is coated with DS Smith’s Greencoat, which is said to have transformed the wax-coated shipping industry for poultry, produce, and seafood with its sustainable, moisture-resistant capabilities and durability in supply chains.

Greentote will also allow vendors and local businesses to advertise on its full-colour printable surfaces. It is also suitable for the printing of shopper loyalty programmes, community events, in-store coupons, or other types of communication.

Last month, DS Smith collaborated with Vig Pak to develop Brrr Box, a 100% recyclable, biodegradable corrugated beverage cooler solution.