Club Coffee’s packaging to feature the How2Recycle and How2Compost labelling


Club Coffee is implementing the How2Recycle and How2Compost label instructions. (Credit: Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay)

Club Coffee, a Canadian plant-based compostable single-serve coffee pods make, is providing new label instructions on its packaging to help enhance consumers recycling and composting information.

The company’s packs now feature the How2Recycle and How2Compost labelling to clearly inform the consumers about where their used packaging should be discarded.

Club Coffee said that the move would allow it to join more than 250 North American industry partners that leverage the programmes to improve recycling information on their packaging labels and reduce the problem of composting and recycling.

Club Coffee CEO John Pigott said: “From our first steps to a compostable coffee pod, we heard about the importance of simple information for consumers on what to do with them after they’ve enjoyed their coffee.

“Putting the How2Recycle and How2Compost information on packages starting with our own Club Coffee Craft Roasters is our next step forward along our sustainable commitment by delivering the information consumers need to properly discard their packaging.”

How2Recycle is a standardised labelling system

Launched in 2012 as a project of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition in the US, How2Recycle label is a standardized labelling system.

It allows companies to convey on simple terms how to dispose of a package to consumers, thus improving the availability and quality of recycled material.

Last year, Club Coffee introduced new compostable coffee pod compatible with Nespresso Original Line brewers, and a shift towards sustainable packaging.

The PῧrPod100 is manufactured using plant-based components such as lid, ring, coffee and mesh to create a format that enables consumers to smell the coffee in the pod.