Braskem is set to introduce new Prisma 6810 resin for use in thermoforming applications at this year’s NPE event in Orlando, Florida, US.


Image: Braskem’s new Prisma 6810 thermoplastic resin. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire / Braskem.

The plastics trade show and conference is being held between 7 and 11 May 2018.

Prisma 6810 thermoplastic resin features unique set of properties, which enables customers to use the resin in packaging applications such as refrigerated deli containers, cold blended drink cups, meat or seafood trays and others.

The new resin is a blend of advanced characteristics, including toughness of an impact copolymer, which are not typically found in single resin solutions.

Braskem said its customers are focusing on new single pellet resin solutions that do not need he addition of an elastomer to attain the desired performance characteristics.

Braskem’s new resin is said to maintain its ductile characteristics at temperatures as low as negative 10 degrees Celsius.

Braskem America market segment leader Isla Regenye said: “At Braskem we are always striving to deliver innovative packaging solutions to our clients that offer enhanced performance characteristics as well as support new product applications.

“Our new Prisma 6810 thermoplastic resin delivers on this promise and reinforces our commitment to the thermoforming market, which is a strategic growth area for us.

“We believe Prisma 6810 meets the market’s growing preference for clearer containers and that its unparalleled performance properties make it an ideal new candidate for material replacement opportunities.”

Braskem supplies thermoplastic resins and biopolymers to its customers. It exports the products to clients in around 100 countries.

The company operates 41 industrial units in Brazil, the US, Germany and Mexico.

Braskem America, which is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Braskem, supplies polypropylene to the customers in the US.

The firm operates six production facilities in Texas, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, as well as an innovation and technology center in Pittsburgh.