Waste reduction is built in

MarquipWardUnited, a Barry-Wehmiller company, says it has developed its sheeting equipment to promote “exceptional efficiency while minimizing waste and delivering high speeds”.

An integrated PC based controls system is now available that is fully compliant with the IEC 61131-3 programming standard. By streamlining the control systems, grade changes, order changes and product code changes are initialized from a central location.

The company also offers an automatic set-up web-in slitter that uses its knifeholders. The web-in feature allows the webs to remain in the slitter during head set-up, which is claimed to reduce downtime and waste greatly. Automatic positioning ensures that the slitter heads are accurately aligned relative to each other, which is optimal for maintaining accurate sheet sizes and good stack quality, explains the company.

The web-in slitter is especially beneficial in a duplex configuration due to these time saving features, it adds. Also, available is a new Bowtie splicer said to offer machine operators important safety and access features while providing economical automation.

Driven for sheeting multiple substrates

Said to be ideal for sheeting paper, corrugated, foam, foil, non wovens, and plastics, the new CompuSheeter II from Contech features a variable frequency vector drive. The rate of speed depends on size and type of material, and desired tolerance.

Also standard on the equipment is a 200lb unwind, a tension brake with 3in cores, and a user friendly PLC control system that requires no additional training, and programmable length control for tolerances of within 1/16in, claims the company.

Options offered include razor, score, shear and ultrasonic slitting, multiple unwind, unwind roll lift, variable angle cutting, unwind capacity up to 10,000lb, take-off tables, auto web guide, photoelectric cut-off, custom stacker and in-line sheeting.

Custom programming and configurations are available, as well as companion stackers and the equipment can be automation engineered to make it compatible with existing plant equipment.

Rolling back the years

Emerson & Renwick Dixon Division has produced a modern version of the original Model 4200 roll to sheet cutting machine. It is said to retain the solid frames and robust guillotine cutting head of the original model, together with an added more modern, high technology programmable AC servo motor drive system.

The operator is able to pre-select sheet length, cutting speed and number of sheets per batch using touch control key pads of the microprocessor mounted on the control panel.

Sheet collection can be from a simple inclined table to a fully automatic programmable collection tray system. Maximum web width is 1,600mm, but special sizes can also be supplied. Sheet lengths from 100-4,000mm can be accommodated with a claimed cutting accuracy of within 0.25mm. A cut to register option is also available.

The new Model 4200 machine can also be supplied with a range of slitting and rewinding options, enabling both sheeting and slitting to be carried out on the one machine. Slitting down to a minimum of 35mm can be performed with rewinding if supplied up to a maximum of 800mm diameter.

This is said to make the new machine ideal for sheeting, slitting, and rewinding such high value materials as x-ray, graphic arts, imaging and photographic films, and papers.


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