The team developed unique packaging and labeling concepts across a wide spectrum of industries


UPM and Packdesign ID are working together for smarter future in labelling. (Credit: UPM)

Global brands need package designs that fit any niche and any customer use in any environment. In addition, there is an urgent need for sustainable packaging solutions. Packdesign ID specializes in holistic package design and development, creating unique brand packaging concepts for the future that are both appealing to the consumers and sustainable, and they need label materials to match.

I first got introduced to UPM Raflatac’s materials when I was working with brand and packaging design for a large cosmetics corporation and later at a well-known cosmetic brand as a Design Manager. In these positions, I was dealing with many kinds of design challenges. Sometimes we had a need for a perfect no-label-look, sometimes we needed a golden seal label to increase the luxury feeling of a product and sometimes the shape of the bottle was making it especially hard to label. In many cases, we worked closely with UPM Raflatac to solve the problems and since then, I have continued to collaborate with them after I started my own design company Packdesign ID.

At the heart of our expertise is a strong technical know-how and understanding of the practicalities of packaging.  This includes knowing different materials and the possibilities that come with them. We work in close collaboration with different parts of the packaging value chain, collect information on different material options, and follow closely the newest developments and innovations in the industry. Often, we turn to labeling material manufacturers, like UPM Raflatac, for expertise on labeling related questions.

As designers, we pride ourselves on producing beautiful and innovative designs, but it is equally important that these designs are both practical and as sustainable as possible. I have a long experience in personal care and cosmetics’ package design. Over the years I’ve seen how sustainability in home and personal care products and packaging has become increasingly important. Consumers have become more and more aware of sustainability and the circular economy and they choose brands that show commitment to sustainable packaging. Choosing the right kind of label for each product can greatly enhance sustainability and recyclability by, for example streamlining the recycling process – without sacrificing the design.

Packdesign ID and UPM Raflatac: The latest collaboration
The partnership with UPM Raflatac has been helpful in finding the latest sustainable options whenever they arrive on the market. We work closely with new materials and are often given the opportunity to showcase these new materials in concepts designed specifically to highlight their capabilities. At the recent Labelexpo Europe 2019, UPM Raflatac and my team collaborated to create yet more innovative product designs using sustainable materials. Together, we created unique packaging and labeling concepts across a wide spectrum of industries. With our designs, UPM Raflatac was able to highlight the use of new sustainable and innovative labeling materials.

To sum up, the collaboration with UPM Raflatac has challenged us to use our expertise from a new and interesting angle. Our mission is to be the best holistic brand and package design agency. To secure the added value and success for our clients, our partners play an important role in helping us create innovative, sustainable and cutting-edge label designs for a smarter future.

Interested in learning more about how to master complex labeling challenges using sustainable materials? Download our Guide to Sustainable Labeling today:

Source: Company Press Release