At Labelexpo Americas, Dan-Mekano introduced the Multi Processor 420 with CDP stacking system (see October issue). Says managing director and founder Ib Grønbjerg: “The feedback shows an immense interest among label printers to enter the fast growing market for in-mould labels. We have presented a completely different approach to the challenges that in-mould label printers are facing.”

The CDP (Controlled Die to Pack) was developed in co-operation with Nilpeter. By rotary die cutting and controlling each label through to the finished pack, production speed and register are claimed to be improved significantly compared with conventional die cutting. Furthermore, all odd shapes in several streams are accepted, as are most plastics and paper materials.

“The system, which is shaftless and computer controlled, is uninfluenced by static and other known problems, and we have applied for a patent for it,” he continues. “It has an intelligent register system, and works in-line with a label press or off-line with an unwinder. To ensure it can be upgraded to meet future challenges in materials and processing, we designed the system as a platform type product on which a range of modular units can be mounted.”

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