Colruyt Group has launched a new food labelling system, Nutri-Score, as part of its efforts to provide consumers with transparent and easy to understand product information.


Image: Colruyt Group has launched new food labelling system called Nutri-Score. Photo: courtesy of SPAR International.

Colruyt, a Spar Belgium partner, has pledged to support shoppers to make balanced food choices with the new food labelling system.

The food labelling system uses letters and colors to clearly illustrate the information of the product.

Via SmartWithFood app on their phones, Spar consumers can see the nutritional scores of products sold in Spar stores operated under license by Spar Retail Partners in Belgium.

Nutri-Score can be used for all of the partner’s own brand items by 2020. It can be applied to around 100 products per month on average.

With the support of the app, customers can also secure suggestions regarding similar products to the ones they have scanned, which score higher on the Nutri-Score scale.

SmartWithFood app, which was introduced in 2015, provides complete nutritional information of the product. The app establishes a digital link between the customer’s nutritional profile and a product.

Consumer can access its nutritional information through scanning a product’s bar code. It also alerts on allergens.

Nutri-Score will be featured on all products marketed on e-commerce platforms of Colruyt Group.

Since last two years, Colruyt has been focusing on reducing sugar, salt and fat content in its brand products. Nutri-Score is a scientifically endorsed system that can be used for a select number of products.

Colruyt Group Fine Food general manager Stefan Goethaert said: It’s very important for us to keep informing our customers in a clear and transparent way. This process requires a step-by-step approach. We are working in the areas of animal welfare, contributing to our communities, environment and health.

“The roll-out of the Nutri-Score system is a step towards achieving our goals, allowing us to communicate with our customers at a product level. This helps customers make responsible choices about which products to consume, based on a scientifically validated score.”