Schreiner Group, a manufactures functional labels and labeling solutions, has introduced a new label, ((rfid))-Digital Void Label, designed to provide electronic tamper evidence.


Image: A NFC-capable smartphone can be used for reading the new ((rfid))-Digital Void Label. Photo: courtesy of Schreiner Group.

The new ((rfid))-Digital Void Label, which can be read using an near field communication (NFC)-capable smartphones, allows label tampering visible doe the users.

The integrated geotracking feature of the label allows the manufacturers to see where their products are used.

Schreiner said in a statement: “These features were achieved by combining specialized expertise such as printed electronics and digital know-how in this thin, flexible high-tech label.”

To ensure the product is not tampered, users can point the phone with the activated NFC feature or reader app toward the label following which a browser window, which displays that the label is intact and other additional information.

Additionally, the users, through a button, can access the integrated geotracking feature providing details in what regions of the world the label has been read earlier.

The new label indicates tampering in two ways which includes producing of a void effect as visual tamper evidence if the label is peeled off the surface. Upon scanning the label with a smartphone, a printed electronic sensor signal will indicate in case of tampering attempt.

The firm said: “The ((rfid))-Digital Void Label produced exclusively by means of printing technology is based on the ISO / IEC 14443 industry standard and includes NFC Forum Tag 2 conformant Tag ICs with an operating range of up to 10 centimeters.”

The ((rfid))-Digital Void Label can be used for a wide range of applications such as interactive advertising, proximity retail marketing, product authentication and product parameterization or on-package and on-product information exchange.

Based on customer requirement, the label can be added with complementary security features such as holograms, color-shifting inks or thermochromatic inks.