First-of-its-kind digital printer allows for plateless, high-speed, customizable printing


Barberan Jetmaster Press 2.0. (Credit: Peachtree Packaging & Display/PRNewswire)

Peachtree Packaging & Display is thrilled to announce the addition of a Barberan Jetmaster to its printing infrastructure. As a plateless printer, the Series 1750 2.0 digital printer expands Peachtree’s capacity for short-run and custom jobs that achieve litho-like print quality in record time. Coupled with Peachtree’s Gopfert Evolution and other equipment, the addition offers customers unparalleled digital printing quality and efficiency for their projects.

The Spanish manufacturer of the Barberan Jetmaster Series 1750 calls the technology “A New Era” in digital printing due to its single-pass printing capabilities. The printer is entirely digital and plateless. The elimination of plates in the process significantly reduces the cost of small or mid-volume jobs and shortens the time to complete projects.

The new printer allows for a new level of customization. Art changes are controlled digitally and can be changed at any time. In addition, the printer has two streams where multiple project versions can be produced in-line on the same structure with no changeover and a max sheet size of 63.5 inches by 118 inches. Also, Peachtree’s Barberan is currently the world’s only printer with an in-line, post-print coating attachment.

The color gamut of the Barberan Jetmaster is unparalleled in its range and quality. Projects have litho-like print quality due to advanced Pantone color matching and an extended color gamut. The Barberan prints images at an exceptional 600 DPI image resolution. The use of UV inks with LED curing ensures the correct size of each droplet, eliminating dot expansion and color mixing. Products also receive UV LED curing with gloss or satin finish flexibility. The system further ensures image integrity while reducing production time and energy consumption.

“Industry leaders must have industry-leading technology. We chose Barberan for a reason. Our mission as a company is to provide world-class packaging and print solutions. Our brand identity is built on protecting the integrity of other company brands,” said Chad Wagner, president and CEO of Peachtree Packaging.

The Barberan Jetmaster meets the highest standards for green manufacturing, producing less than two percent waste.

The addition of the Barberan Jetmaster to Peachtree Packaging & Display’s infrastructure furthers its goals of housing the best technology and solutions for its packaging and display customers. In 2018, Peachtree added a Gopfert 5-Color Dual-Die Cutting Press to its production line. The Gopfert is considered a best-in-class flexographic printer, allowing Peachtree to produce 10,000 full-size sheets per hour and more than 150 million square feet per year.

Source: Company Press Release