With the partnership, OTACA becomes the first tequila company to fully digitise its product offerings with NFC


OTACA is the first tequila company to use NFC. (Credit: Identiv Inc.)

Identiv, a provider of physical security and secure identification, has been selected to provide NFC-powered smart packaging solution to OTACA Tequila for authentication, product provenance, transparency, and brand awareness.

Identiv offers advanced NFC transponders that connect consumers and brands with an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

It will incorporate its experiential NFC model design into smart packaging, facilitating the OTACA Tequila customers to engage, track, and authenticate their purchase.

With the partnership, OTACA becomes the first tequila company to fully digitise its product offerings with NFC.

OTACA Tequila CEO and co-founder Anthony Accetta said: “Partnering with Identiv gives us a team of design experts to build out a transparent digital experience that allows us to share the story of our tequila with customers at point-of-sale and in their own home.

“With one tap, customers can access our tequila’s journey, learn when we’re preparing to harvest, and discover the latest plans for the brand.”

With the new NFC functionality, OTACA consumers are allowed to tap the tag using their Android or Apple iOS device to access the custom digital experience.

It enables the consumers to access the product authentication, the history of its founders and allows them to place a new order.

Identiv is engaged in providing high-quality NFC tags with advanced design, global scale, and encoding capabilities, through its research and engineering teams.

The company will provide its high-performance NTAG 210u NFC tags to power the new smart packaging solution for OTACA.

The standard circular form factor NFC tag is printed and attached to the top of the tequila bottle, where the blockchain expert SUKU will manage the consumer engagement platform.

With a decentralised functionality, blockchain processing is said to ensure security, transparency, reliability, and authenticity.

Identiv business development vice president Amir Khoshniyati said: “Our partnership with OTACA Tequila continues our accelerated growth in radio frequency identification (RFID) devices and NFC for smart packaging, consumer engagement, asset tracking, and authentication in the IoT.

“In this contactless era, people expect to interact with products and brands in new, exciting ways. We deliver on those experiences by turning the physical world digital.”