Ahigh-performance X-ray inspection system, claimed to be miles ahead of standard conveyor systems has been launched by Loma Systems.

The Axis X3 reaches speeds over of 90m/min, even on wide systems. Says product manager Alan Johnson: ” The scan rate of Axis X3 has proved over 100% faster than standard X-ray conveyor systems in some cases and is the best on the market. Its higher speed capabilities mean that there is no loss in sensitivity on fast moving production lines both for now and the foreseeable future.”

An enhanced line array produces clear images, said to be twice the resolution of those generated by existing systems thanks to the 16-bit adaptive technology. There are also different sensor options to offer the right sensitivity for specific product applications, ranging in size from 0.25 – 0.8mm. With storage capacity at over 1000 images, operators can carry out analyses of defects offline and archive the images.

Axis X3 AutoTrack software will detect defects such as low fill, missing items, broken or misshapen products. Its multi-dimensional Explorer capability improves sensitivity for products with varying density. The system has a more powerful X-ray source which provides a better image contrast and will detect softer contaminants such as bone, rubber or plastics. It can also be used to identify flavour clumps in crisps or cereals.