Packaging industry leader IPG utilises advanced technology in new automation line


IPG is committed to evolving with industry demands, as evidenced by its recently unveiled advanced automation line for packaging solutions. (Credit: Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash)

Imagine a world where packaging not only protects our products but also enhances their efficiency and even reduces environmental impact. That future is now becoming a reality, thanks to innovations spurred on by new breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and automation.

The growth of automation is fueled by multiple factors, including the surging demand for packaged products, the need for cost-effective and efficient packaging solutions, continuous technological advancements in packaging automation, and a growing preference for sustainable packaging practices. Adoption of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) technology is propelling advancements forward at an unprecedented pace, and the packaging world is no exception. By 2030, experts predict that the global automated packaging market will reach staggering heights, driven by advancements in robotics and smart packaging technologies. As a result, companies across the globe are gearing up to make substantial investments in automated packaging solutions, aiming to gain a competitive edge and streamline their operations.

Leading this transformative wave is IPG (Intertape Polymer Group), a renowned leader in the packaging industry. IPG is committed to evolving with industry demands, as evidenced by its recently unveiled advanced automation line for packaging solutions.

As businesses increasingly turn to eco-friendly packaging materials, the demand for robust adhesives to seal corrugated materials with high recycled content is on the rise. This has led to a surge in interest for automated case sealing solutions featuring water-activated tape. Enter IPG’s Random Semi-Automatic WAT Case Sealer, also known as the RSA 2024-WAT. This cutting-edge automated case sealer is capable of sealing cases of various sizes on the same machine, automatically adjusting to the precise size requirements for each individual box. This breakthrough not only accelerates packaging speed but also provides an eco-friendly alternative to conventional adhesives and tapes.

The integration of AI technology into the packaging industry opens doors to sustainability innovations. IPG recognizes the potential in both areas and places a strong emphasis on sustainability in many products within their advanced automation line. The Perfect Packer™, for instance, is an automated void-fill system that makes a significant contribution to waste reduction. By leveraging AI technology with 3D imaging sensors, the Perfect Packer precisely dispenses the optimal amount of void-fill required for each package, minimizing waste and damage while maximizing production efficiency with minimal operator intervention.

As these examples show, automation and AI are revolutionizing the packaging industry, delivering heightened efficiency, reduced labor expenses, and accelerated production rates. This transformation ensures unwavering consistency and quality control.

The future of the packaging industry is one that goes beyond our past understanding and expectations. By building solutions at the intersection of technology, sustainability, and innovation, companies like IPG are helping ensure our packaging solutions not only safeguard and preserve products but also contribute to the preservation of our planet.

Source: Company Press Release