The HERMA 132M HC labeling machine advances into new dimensions


HERMA 132M HC labeling machine. (Credit: Herma)

Uncompromisingly fast and reliably effective: With wrap-around labeling of up to 400 products per minute, the HERMA 132M HC labeling machine advances into new dimensions. Streamlined for a particularly high cycle rate, the machine is primarily designed for round pharmaceutical products, such as glass vials and the corresponding high batch sizes in the healthcare industry. These also include measures for the optimization of overall equipment effectiveness, such as innovative rotary tables, electronic position indicators and format sets that can be exchanged without tools for fast format changes, as well as operation of the entire machine, including the camera and printer, via an industrial panel PC (IPC) and thereby for the first time via a single monitor. The operator therefore no longer needs to set up and operate the machine and its components via multiple panels. Furthermore, the machine already has complete pharmaceutical equipment on board, including a selection of various printing and control systems, an automatic label return with cross check, which makes the rejection of poor tested labels particularly simple and secure, as well as one of several possible product reject stations. As an alternative to the thermal transfer printer, a hot-foil printer or laser printer can also be integrated.

Rotary table for any format

The wrap-around labeler 132M ensures power with utmost reliability right from the start. The newly developed rotary table by HERMA has a magazine holder for complete trays. Quick-change format parts allow the use of various tray sizes and products. With a product blade, the products are pushed out of the tray onto the table, without an operator needing to reach into the rotating product transport. “This way, we reduce the risk of products falling over on the rotary table and disrupting the process”, says Ulrich Fischer, Head of Product Management at HERMA Labeling Machines. “For the same reason, the rotary table is very smooth-running with low-vibration.” To guarantee the reliable clearance of the table and to ensure the “Line Clearance” requirement, the respective last products are conveyed onto the conveyor belt using compressed air. An automatic filling level check helps to prevent that the rotary table runs empty during production. A protective cover is also optionally available for the table, which significantly reduces the noise level especially with glass bottles. The rotary table is available as an infeed rotary table and as an outfeed rotary table for the machine.

Not just for pharmaceutical products

The high labeling speed and at the same time extreme precision is made possible by the new HERMA 500 applicator in particular. The patented label return with subsequent cross check ensures additional performance enhancement and maximum process reliability. With its assistance, incorrect labels remain on the backing paper and are not, as previously, dispensed on a collective label role that reduces output performance. With the new label return, labels with deficient quality remain on the backing paper. After the completion of the batch, the user can easily unwind the backing paper and analyze and document each incorrect label. The optional cross check includes inspection of the successful rejection of the labels out of the process. This way, possible sources of error can be identified more quickly and eliminated efficiently for the further process cycle.

The option of high-speed labeling is not only of benefit for use in healthcare applications. The 132M HC is specifically geared to the requirements of pharmaceutical products; however, it can be easily configured for numerous industry applications – even without printers and control systems.

Source: Company Press Release