Under the partnership, Feast & Fettle will collect the containers and send them to a local TerraCycle Material Recovery Facility to recycle them into new products

FF Bag

Feast & Fettle delivery bag on customer doorstep. (Credit: PRNewswire/ Feast & Fettle)

US-based Feast & Fettle has joined forces with recycling company TerraCycle to launch a “Collection and Return” programme for their members across Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

New England’s meal delivery service provider Feast & Fettle has been developing sustainable delivery by collecting, sanitizing and reusing their delivery bags and commercial-grade ice packs.

Under the partnership, Feast & Fettle will collect and consolidate their plastic food containers directly from members’ homes and send them to Feast & Fettle’s Rhode Island facility.

The containers are then transported to a local TerraCycle Material Recovery Facility where the containers are broken down by their components and recycled into raw material.

Feast & Fettle said the produced raw materials can be utilised to make new products like outdoor furniture, watering cans, storage containers and athletic fields.

TerraCycle business development director Dylan Layfield said: “At TerraCycle, we are committed to ensuring that waste continues to be diverted away from landfill and local communities.

“Feast & Fettle not only shares that commitment but has taken it to the next level with the implementation of the Container Return Program, setting a sustainable example for other meal delivery services through their efforts to preserve the environment and maximising our ability to do good.”

Since its start, Feast & Fettle has sent its locally produced meals in reusable bags with ice packs of the highest quality, both of which are returned with each delivery.

The delivery firm said that the members no longer have any leftover food after eating F&F meals due to the new Container Return Programme.

Feast & Fettle CEO Carlos Ventura said: “We’re extremely proud to take this step forward with TerraCycle.

“Our vertically integrated delivery model puts us in a unique position to ensure that members can enjoy our service sustainably.”