By combining the immutability of the blockchain with product digitization, apparel and luxury brands ensure the authenticity of their products and fight counterfeits head-on


EVRYTHNG and Arianee partner to bring digital proof of authenticity and item-level traceability to luxury and apparel industry. (Credit: Adam Radosavljevic from Pixabay)

EVRYTHNG, the Product Cloud managing digital identities for the world’s consumer products, today announced it has partnered with Arianee, the blockchain-based digital identity standard for all valuable goods. Together the companies bring an unprecedented layer of verifiable ownership, authenticity, and connected services to protect product owners in the fight against counterfeits. EVRYTHNG and Arianee make it possible for apparel and luxury brands to deliver digital proof of authenticity and end-to-end traceability of every product’s journey from the factory to the consumer to secondhand markets.

“As the premium apparel and luxury resale markets continue to grow and counterfeit culture persists, the ability to verify quickly and easily that a product is authentic is becoming a necessity for any premium brand,” said Niall Murphy, CEO, and Co-founder, EVRYTHNG. “To date, the lack of item-level traceability of products through the supply chain has posed a serious challenge. Our partnership with Arianee changes this paradigm giving brands and their customers a quick and easy way to verify that a product is authentic with a globally scalable traceability solution.”

Luxury brands lost $30.3 billion worth of sales to counterfeits online alone, according to the 2018 Global Brand Counterfeiting Report. By combining the immutability of the blockchain with product digitization, apparel and luxury brands ensure the authenticity of their products and fight counterfeits head-on. Working together, EVRYTHNG and Arianee give apparel and luxury brands a reliable solution to track and authenticate products at scale.

“Trust and transparency are critical for the owner of an apparel or luxury item, wherever the product is purchased, and no matter how many lives it has had,” said Pierre Nicolas Hurstel, CEO and Founder, Arianee. “Our partnership with EVRYTHNG offers a  unique opportunity to use a robust track and trace solution and pair it with our blockchain-based digital passports. By combining product digitization with blockchain technology, brands achieve end-to-end visibility into every product’s journey while forging a direct and respectful link with consumers through virtual certificates of authenticity.”

A Powerful Combination

EVRYTHNG customers in the apparel and luxury markets can now create Arianee certificates to register each product as it is manufactured. Brands benefit from both Arianee’s secure and transferable digital authentication solution and EVRYTHNG’s digital ecosystem, including:

End-to-end visibility into every product’s journey

Supply chain traceability to protect brand integrity and verify the authenticity

Product digitization at scale with GS1 Digital Link


Product digitization allows apparel and luxury brands to gather real-time product data intelligence throughout each individual product’s journey. In turn, brands now have an important tool for a robust secondary market and the creation of new business models that require products to be tracked between multiple owners or users. Premium brand owners can now analyze things like the rate at which a customer resells as well as anonymously connect with customers buying products secondhand. In addition, they now have a whole new direct-to-consumer channel to create personalized experiences.

“Our collaboration with Arianee adds a new level of supply chain traceability to the apparel and luxury markets,” said Dominique Guinard, CTO and Co-founder, EVRYTHNG. “By giving every product a unique EVRYTHNG Active Digital Identity™ (ADI) connected to the Arianee blockchain, we allow brands to transfer identification to new product owners with quick and easy verification of authenticity. This is particularly critical as it applies to the resale market which is long associated with tarnishing the integrity of a brand.”

“Together we move brands one step closer to circularity by enabling them to interact with products and owners at every step of the product’s life cycle from purchase to experience to product care to end of life or resale,” said Hurstel.

Source: Company Press Release