The company seeks to add value, instead of waste to sustainable packaging materials


Image: The CowPots Packaging material is biodegradable and compostable. Photo: courtesy of CowPots.

CowPots Packaging, which has been created by two dairy farmers in the US, is offering new biodegradable alternative to fiberboard.

The product will be introduced at the Pack Expo in Las Vegas, which is due to held for three days from 23 September 2019.

The packaging corners of CowPots fiber are designed to quickly break down when composted or added to soil. A consumer can add the packaging corners at several places rather throwing them into the trash.

Consumers can plant the protective corners, which are available in standard sizes, to their yard, garden or compost bin to naturally break down and offer nutrients as well as humus to their soil.

CowPots Packaging is made from 100% renewable and recycled byproducts from a dairy farm in Connecticut

CowPots Packaging material can be transformed into custom sizes to meet several packaging requirements.

The material, which is manufactured using 100% renewable and recycled byproducts from a dairy farm in Connecticut, is completely biodegradable. It is produced in a zero-waste plant using the green energy from methane gas and solar power.

Summit Responsible Solutions, a division of Summit Chemical, distributes CowPots Packaging and CowPots biodegradable seed-starting pots.

Summit Responsible Solutions president Jonathan Cohen said: “CowPots Packaging offers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional fiberboard that enhances a company’s environmental commitment and public image.

“CowPots Packaging is a value-added solution for a wide variety of modern packaging applications. Plus, any company using the new CowPots Packaging material can reap the benefits of appealing to customers who care about sustainability and the environment.”

CowPots Packaging products are made from cows’ composted manure. It collects recycled post-consumer materials to manufacture all of its biodegradable packaging products.

The company uses the same material as its CowPots containers for horticultural use, but are designed to meet the customers’ sustainable packaging requirements.

All of the company’s products are aimed to be planted in the soil and do not depend on commercial composting facilities to break down.