Ball Aerosol Packaging has introduced Eyeris, a high-definition printing technique which provides photo-realistic quality can designs without digital printing.

Eyeris Fox Can

Image: Eyeris is currently available across Europe, as well as in North America and India. Photo: courtesy of Ball Corporation. 

Eyeris is currently available across Europe, as well as in North America and India. Ball said the HD imagery spans 360 degrees of the can, creating premium product differentiation that engages consumers and elevates brands.

The printing technique gives customers with the opportunity for the packaging to reflect the shift of personal care industry’s move towards more natural products.

Brands can print detailed life-like imagery, like leaves, flowers and landscapes, on cans, enabling them to stay ahead in the competitive retail market.

Ball Aerosol Packaging director of global innovation & business development Jason Galley said: “We know the market is clamoring for inventive solutions to create standout packaging.  There is such buzz in the industry for digital printing, and Eyeris provides the perfect alternative to achieve similar results on aerosol cans.

“This unique technology will transform our customers’ ability to harness the increasing power of imagery and story-telling, truly representing the next generation of aluminum aerosol printing.”

Ball delivers sustainable packaging solutions for beverage, personal care and household products customers, as well as aerospace and other technologies and services primarily for the US government.

The company and its subsidiaries employ about 17,500 people globally.

Earlier this year, Ball and Platinum Equity have entered into joint venture (JV) and definitive purchase agreements to form Ball Metalpack, a new packaging company that manufactures steel containers for aerosol products, food, household consumables, pet food, nutritional and other products in the US.

Platinum Equity will own 51% of Ball Metalpack, while Ball will own 49%.

Ball will contribute its US steel food and aerosol packaging manufacturing assets to the JV.

Ball’s newest beverage can innovation helped customers put a colorful lid on their infinitely recyclable aluminum cans.

The company’s Cameo End Printing extended customer branding to the top of the can, making the top pop and adding appeal for consumers looking for their favorite beverages.