Super Dynamic, the rubber compound developed by UK roller manufacturer Just Rollers, is claimed to have saved customers hundreds of thousands of pounds, thanks to the inherent quality of the rubber. It is said to last longer because of its increased wear resistance and ability to withstand heat build-up and attack from various chemicals.

“Although initially developed for the liquid packaging and photographic paper markets, this compound has proved to be extremely successful across a wide range of industrial applications”, reports managing director Dr Geoff Davis. “We have hit on a material which satisfies the common calls of line processors to reduce costs, yet at the same time produce more volume.

He says there are fewer expensive roll changes and less downtime because of the wear characteristics, but the incidence of roll failure is significantly reduced.

The other important characteristic claimed for Super Dynamic is that despite its toughness, the compound experiences a relatively slow build-up of heat, which means that the rollers can be run at greater speeds by comparison with more traditional roll covers.

The company reports that it is already developing the compound to meet the needs of more specific applications.



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