Three transparent, toughened plastics products claimed to offer high clarity, high strength and processing benefits have been launched by Kraton Polymers.

The D-1400P series is a high-styrene thermoplastic designed to add performance benefits to PS formulations.

The series can be injection moulded, extruded, thermoformed and blow moulded and is suitable for products such as transparent plastics containers and barrier films for fresh produce.

All thee polymers are recyclable, meet FDA requirements and have passed US toxicology tests.

Higher flow D-1403P allows faster processing for injection moulded and thin film applications. The polymer contains a slip agent for shipping and bulk storage.

Lower flow D-1431P is suited to sheet and thermoforming and extrusion processes where minimal sheet sagging and improved strength are critical.

The un-waxed version of higher flow – D-1493P – can be used in applications where oxygen transmission rate, adhesion and printing are most important.