Flying Null has launched what it believes is the world’s thinnest remotely readable, non line of sight smart tagging system. At only three micron thick and one millimetre wide, the new FN Transfer Tag is said to be 25 times thinner than a human hair.

The hot foil stamped FN is claimed to offer users greater flexibility when choosing where to apply tags to packaging and products in the production process. It can be laminated, embedded, applied directly to the surface, over printed or even form part of the final packaging design. Developed for brand protection or document security, once applied the tags provide each item with a permanent identity that can be read remotely using a hand-held reader.

Although thinner than other types, the new tag is said to offer the same durability, and to be ideal for recycling. It can be supplied in various formats to cater for product authentication, batch control, warranty control or Track & Trace applications. It will also provide machine readable tamper evidence. When used in tandem with other technologies, it can add a covert machine readable capability to security print features or optical technologies such as holograms.

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