Tetra Pak has announced its worldwide launch of Tetra Prisma Aseptic 1000 StreamCap that combines two existing carton designs in a one-litre format.

The TPA carton is aimed at high-end products such as quality juices, value-added milks, olive oil and organic beverages.It features the eight-sided shelf appeal of the TPA shape – previously available only in 250ml and 330ml sizes – and the tamper evident, resealable functionality of the StreamCap opening.

Its features a distinctive and ergonomic shape which, thanks to the short-thread design of the StreamCap, is easy to open.

Filling will take place in a 7000 packs/hr TBA/21 filling machine with a Tetra Cap Applicator 45. The StreamCap will initially be white.

First usage of the carton is likely to be in Europe in Italy, Czech Republic and Russia.