DuPont Cyrel® and Rotec Announce Strategic Alliance

Neu-Isenburg. – The Imaging Technologies division of DuPont de Nemours and Rotec, supplier of sleeve systems for flexographic printing, have announced their future cooperation in a strategic alliance. The objective of this co-operation is to offer the packaging industry a complete Cyrel® Round system as a new alternative in the field of round printing form technology.

The key requirements for this type of system are:

– high print quality with an improved register accuracy,

– provision of a cost-effective and quickly available carrier system for once-through use,

– low weight,

– ease of operation, and

– compatibility with the sleeve and cylinder systems already established in the market.

Both strategic partners rank among the market leaders in their traditional areas of activity. With the development of the Cyrel® Digital Imager (CDI), DuPont Cyrel® first introduced the principle of digital platemaking in the market (CDI), which proved to be instrumental in helping computer-to-plate (CtP) technology to success-fully penetrate the flexographic printing sector. Like a number of other CtP systems, the CDI system – which is meanwhile distributed in cooperation with Barco Graphics – is based on the external drum principle and is designed to accommodate both digital photopolymer plates and sleeves. With 190 systems installed world-wide and a comprehensive offering of printing plates for digital applications, covering the entire spectrum of flexo printing, DuPont Cyrel® has taken over the leadership in this field. It was with a view to the industrial processing of round photopolymer printing forms led to the development of that the Cyrel® Round Inliner was developed. The round washer ensured the efficient and automatic processing of these printing forms, with the washout quality tuned to the high demands of digital plates. The installation of twelve Cyrel® Round Inliner systems world-wide is ample proof of the success of this system.

Rotec based in Ahaus, Germany, owes its reputation in the field of flexo sleeves primarily to its products Blue Light Sleeve and the com-pressible PrintPro Sleeve. Since January 1999, Rotec belongs to the US group Day International. Within this group, Rotec is responsible for the development, manu-facture, and distribution of flexographic products. Apart from sleeves, Rotec’s current range of products also includes the RoDay-o cleaning system, the RPC plate cleaning devices, and compressible substructure products such as Greyback. One of the benefits of the merger is that Rotec now has a broader operating base for achieving the envisaged proximity to the customer. Today, the Day International Group has 30 offices and manufacturing plants all around the globe, which supports Rotec’s vision of creating decentralized manufacturing facilities in key regions so as to ensure a maximum level of customer satisfaction in terms of service and delivery times.