Glanbia Foods first got together with Packaging Automation when it wanted ‘look-no-smell’ packaging for the blue stilton produced by its Tuxford and Tebbutt creamery at Melton Mowbray.

The result was the signing of a hire contract for a PA182 semi-automatic machine for handling the clear plastic, re-sealable wedge-shaped tray.

When the creamery needed another machine to cope with increased sales, production manager Simon Proctor turned again to Packaging Automation, this time for a PA238 automatic, integral, variable speed, conveyor-fed heat-sealing machine. He also purchased the hired PA182.

“When we decided on improved packaging we were working to an extremely tight timescale,” says Mr Proctor.

Packaging Automation made a commitment to deliver and they did so on time and on budget. Without their expertise we would not have been able to get the product to the customer in exactly the way they wanted it. On top of all that they also agreed to work with our material supplier to ensure the success of the whole venture.”