Stickpack Europe has announced the launch of what it believes is the first stick packing machine capable of producing 1000 sticks of liquid/min.

The machine is aimed initially at the rapidly expanding market for single serve sticks of liquid food dressings.

It is also capable of producing larger packs such as ingredients for the catering industry.

Said Stickpack technical director Mark Blackman: “Stick packing has taken off in Europe as a result of materials savings and improved presentation. The Stickpack 1000 provides food manufacturers with a high speed solution, yet has been designed for variable pack width and length, giving the flexibility for a complete range of pack sizes to be produced on a single machine.”

Stick width is adjustable between 10-65mm while length is variable. This allows 30-40g packs of sauces and flavourings to be produced for the catering industry, as well as typical 17mm wide single serve consumer packs of 8-14g.

Stickpack 1000 is built in stainless steel and features servo drive technology.