Following our report [Jan 2003], Pill protect is to market GP Solutions [UK]’s child resistant sytsem to provide the European pharmaceutical industry with its solution for blister-packed drugs.

“Pill protect comprises two key elements as part of its overall solution for pharmaceutical companies.

“The first is in the patented design and construction of a ‘peel-n-push’ layer that is easily applied to the backing foil of existing licensed blister-packs,” says managing director Jonathan Bobbett.

“This can be introduced to high-speed production lines with minimal investment and a very low impact on production throughput.”

Because Pill protect simply adds a secondary layer to an existing pack, licenses will not need to be changed for CR compliance, simply amended. A key aspect of the Pill protect solution is its commercial delivery.

Pill protect combines permanent and peelable acrylic adhesives on a secondary layer that is laid down in a pattern to match the layout of the blister and the tablet pockets.

The peelable sections are over the pocket areas and are perforated. With these sections in place it is very difficult to push the tablets out but, when they are peeled back, the tablets can be pushed through the foil.

It has been acknowledged by several leading industry bodies and is the first to pass BS8404. The company has also been trialling Pill protect at Romaco where it has successfully run at full machine throughput on an N623 blister line.

“We are undertaking similar tests with all of the major manufacturers and will be announcing the results as they are completed and properly validated. It appears that Pill protect will not reduce machine speeds at all,” says Mr Bobbett.