New from Markem was the latest addition to its SmartLase range of CO2 laser coders. The company says the SL130 uses enhanced power output to print clear, variable data onto a wide variety of substrates.

The machine comprises a 30W laser controlled by a QWERTY keypad and portable power supply, and its compact size and variable position output lens facilitate its integration into existing lines. Despite its high power performance, Markem describe the 130 as “surprisingly affordable”.

The company also launched its new traversing system, “designed to bring coding efficiency to multi-lane applications”. Attached to one of Markem’s SmartDate or SmartLase coders, the SmartTraverse 2 spans across the lanes, systematically pausing at programmed points to allow the coders to print the required marks.

The system is available in both single and twin axis and is supplied with a supporting bracket which can be custom designed to ensure suitability for literally any application.

It is simple to set-up using an intuitive program via a touch screen and once programmed it can store over 200 settings and is password protected. Stepper motor drives with “exceptional velocity control” are said to ensure “ultra-accurate code placement” at high speed.