Valmet Converting recently installed six Titan SR7 twin-shafted, slitter rewinders at two production sites for FLEXcon, in the USA – in Spencer, Massachusetts, and Columbus, Nebraska.

The machines were designed to meet FLEXcon’s specific requirements for product quality and high volume production. Replacing several older slitters, they are said to have streamlined the company’s converting operations dramatically.

The 1,800mm wide SR7s have a maximum rewind diameter of 800mm on 76 and 152mm cores, running at production speeds of up to 600m/min.

The capability of handling a wide variation of pressure sensitive adhesive materials at high production speeds was an essential part of the specification. The standard SR7 has a three-motor AC digital drive configuration to ensure a highly responsive tension control system for the high volume production requirements of the PSA industry.

All machine settings and running parameters are linked into the FLEXcon’s automated production systems.


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