The Sentinel system from Imprint Business Systems is a high performance, intelligent monitoring system for reel and sheet-fed machinery or any production unit where items may need counting. It continuously monitors performance, automatically identifies standing time from running time, and counts good and waste items. It maintains process performance against a full range of operation codes and compares all this information to set targets.

When the system is linked to further machine converting processes, such as folding machines and binding lines, the waste can be tracked throughout the entire production cycle. It measures sheets or metres of web and can automatically generate bar coded pallet labels as the work is produced.

Quality assurance is a vital function of the system. A sheet or web sample quantity requirement can be set for each run so that it will warn an operator to inspect a printed sample every 200, 500 or given interval. The run number is recorded with the time and whether passed or failed. Failure reasons are recorded and a full reporting system shows quality performance throughout on job or over several jobs. The system can be linked to a 100 per cent vision inspection system where required and can be fully integrated with any other MIS system.


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