Who said clear thermoformed packs have to be colourless? Not Pactiv Europe FoodService-Packaging which believes it has developed a tinted clear PP solution offering results not previously achieved in thermoformed food packaging, making it ideal for chilled and microwaveable foods.

Currently available in blue and yellow, the new material combines high clarity with subtle colour shading which Pactiv thinks will appeal to marketers of a range of fresh chilled and ambient foods, including fish and poultry products, salads and microwaveable ready meals.

Described as a cost-effective solution to coloured polystyrene, the Pactiv tinted PP is an extension of the company’s ‘super clear PP’. The tinted range achieves its effects with Cleartint colourants from Milliken Chemical.

In theory, the technology exists to produce other bespoke colours should customers have a specific requirement.