Techna International, UK agent/distributor for Joachim Uhing, has introduced the Easylock system for the secure clamping of rolls, spools, bobbins and reels onto shafts. The Easylock comprises one fixed and one removable tensioning cone, for use on hardened plain round shafts, for applications where the spool requires a level of positive drive engagement to the shaft.

The system is based on a clamping ring which is increasingly offset to the shaft in response to axial or tensioning forces, the greater force, the greater the clamping effect.The removable cone is pushed onto the shaft and locks into position holding the spool in place. The operator can then easily adjust the tension (braking force) by turning the tensioning ring to the required level.

There are eight models for shaft diameters from 10-40mm, producing clamping forces up to 5,000N.

Features claimed include short change-over times, no tools, one-handed operation, emergency-stop secure, and a maintenance-free and vibration resistant design.



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