An independent website has been launched to serve the £5 billion/year international used printing machinery market by putting buyers and sellers in direct contact with each other. is the creation of ceo John Roadnight who has 20 years experience with Dornier, one of the largest UK used machinery dealers. “We are responding to an existing market need which has so far not been satisfied,” he says. “Presses are bought and sold between continents all the time, but it remains difficult for printers either in the UK, Singapore or South Carolina to source the specific machine they need, which might be found in Stockholm, New York,London or Sydney.” works on the principal of an interactive database where printers and dealers can list equipment available for sale, and visitors to the site can view the equipment offered, and make direct contact with the seller on an independent basis. It offers access to available machinery from all over the world. Once a buyer has found a suitable machine, a click of the mouse is all that is needed to get the full details of the seller who can be contacted independently, and completely free of charge.

John Roadnight says the site does not accept on-line bids for equipment, nor act as a ‘middle-man’ trying to reduce a dealer’s profit margin. “It is a completely independent service provider which accurately meets all the needs of the used equipment market – on a global scale,” he claims. “We’re launching with 29 of Europe’s best dealers already under contract and another six in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, and we’re expecting this number to increase very quickly.”

The first quarter of 2001 will see pressXchange.comUSA launched in conjunction with a US partner.