A new bubble wrap machine has increased output of protective wrapping rolls at Pactiv Jiffy significantly. The company can now produce rolls between 500-1,500mm in diameter and up to 2,500m long (or multiple smaller sizes), all of which need to be collated into specific orders.

This additional output caused a major material handling problem. The former method of manually wrapping and delivering the rolls would be both labour intensive and inefficient. Another requirement was for the total production from the new machine to be weighed and the information stored

SCM devised a solution involving a scissor lift on which is mounted a belt conveyor with loadcells linked to a digital display. All the rolls produced are delivered onto the conveyor, weighed and separated into the individual orders. The collated rolls are then delivered to an automatic bagging machine to be sealed. Then they are indexed onto a continuous platform elevator which lifts them to a high level conveyor system that takes them through a declining tunnel and into the warehouse, a total distance of 100m.

More information from Peter Guest, SCM – TEL: +44 (0)151 357 2222.