New from MarquipWardUnited is a robotic plunge slitter/scorer for corrugated applications. Said to allow order changes at line speed and provide “industry leading accuracy”, the machine features multiple slit and score stations, permitting tool set-up on the first station while tools are running in the second station. Current order tools plunge out and new order tools plunge in at order change, allowing changes to occur at line speed. Both gapless and natural gap order changes can be accommodated.

Combination tooling provides up to three score profiles from a single score tool. A modular score station provides zero score spacing and the manual auxiliary allows the use of custom score profiles. This design is said to ensure maximum positioning repeatability. In addition, the robotic plunge slitter/scorer utilizes a temperature controlled box type structure that is said to be 10 times as rigid as a typical airshaft, resulting in exceptional depth control for all board grades.

The unit also incorporates MarquipWardUnited’s Razorset thin blade slitting system, which features individual on-head sharpening systems and rotating lower anvil supports to minimize dust, increase flexo productivity, improve print quality, reduce edge trim and eliminate slit edge delamination.


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