Comexi S1 DT slitter will enable the British company, Roberts Mart, to enhance quality and productivity


Roberts Mart has acquired Comexi S1 DT slitter. (Credit: Comexi)

UK-based packaging printing services provider Roberts Mart has purchased a Comexi S1 DT slitter to boost its production capabilities.

Comexi S1 DT is said to offer better results in both quality and productivity with its regulated control elements and a high degree of automation.

The slitter’s advanced capability helps the operator to load the reel into the machine and deliver completed reels, which are palletised and singularly wrapped in bags.

Comexi UK/Ireland agent Tim Hilton said: “Following another record turnover year, Roberts Mart & Co Ltd has further strengthened its converting department with the purchase of a second Comexi S1 DT.

“It is a market-leading slitter in terms of productivity, with a high level of automation, including automatic knife and core positioning, and automatic core taping systems.”

Comexi S1 DT can perform jobs with large output reel number

Comexi S1 DT, which can perform jobs with a large output reel number, has the capacity to work with the thickest structures used in the flexible packaging market, including aluminium, wax, and other hard materials.

The slitter features the NIP tension gap system that enables to efficiently apply different rewinding and unwinding tensions.

With a high degree of customisation, the slitter can be used with multiple automated options such as splicing tables, automatic reel unloading, video inspection camera, and the robotised labelling of finished reels.

Comexi area manager Ramon Jonama said: “Roberts Mart & Co Ltd has been a very important customer for many years. At Comexi we have always had the most innovative solution for their requirements, which are extremely high, and that has meant that the synergy between the two companies to be uninterrupted.”

In August this year, Comexi unveiled plans to open a new technology centre (CTec) at its US headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Established in 1852, Roberts Mart offers a range of collation shrink wrap, laminated films, and high quality printed flexible packaging to customers in the food and beverage, confectionery and pet food markets.