Europe’s retailers still have reservations about the benefits, costs and complexities of RFID tagging but its accpetance is clearly growing, according to the latest survey carried out by US printing solutions manufacturer Printronix.

The research reveals that, while just 25% of Europe’s top retailers currently receive RFID-tagged pallets and cases, 39% anticipate doing so by 2006.

In the UK 73% said none of the pallets and cases they currently receive are RFID tagged. However, of the 125 European retailers quizzed, 41% planned pilot trials this year.

While implementation costs are stopping 34% of European retailers so is confusion about standards (27%). However, the US adopted its own 915Mhz Class 1 UHF RFID frequency standard last year and by July Ofcom is expected to ratify a European UHF RFID standard.

Brad Jarvis, Printronix director of RFID product marketing, adds. “Wal-Mart is expecting its top 100 suppliers to EPC tag pallets and cases by January 2005, and European retailers may soon follow suit.”