Alcan Packaging has introduced a promotional printing technique to the UK which it claims will provide brand owners with greater flexibility for running promotions and competitions on packaged FMCG goods.

The Flexi-Media process delivers “fully randomised and totally-controlled instant win” promotions via flexo printing onto the reverse of the film. Consequently, “seeded” prizes can also be offered without disrupting printing.

Alcan says the technique, which enables low, medium and high value prize packs to be printed in the same run, is already widely used in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the US for products ranging from teabags to conditioner sachets.

While brand owner promotions have increased significantly in the past 10 years, Alcan claims the “instant win” variety is “notoriously complex” to manage, since winning packs have to be printed in isolated batches, requiring tight security and, often, supervision by customers.

“Consequently, most promotions have been run with limited prize pools and featured ‘instant lose’ structures, which can be perceived negatively by the consumer,” says David Beeby, vice-president, international sales, Alcan Packaging.

“Generated by computer,” he adds, “the unique mathematical formula of Flexi-Media enables winning packs or labels to be flexo printed at random amongst losing prize combinations.”