Two closures that are said to overcome dispensing problems in the food and pharmaceuticals markets have been launched by Polytop.

The 38/400 PS-381Polycam is designed for controlled dispensing and spreading of products such as sandwich fillers.

Its one-piece ribbon orifice enables the projection of a clean 0.25in thick and 1in long ribbon of food product through its slit orifice, eliminating the need for a knife.

Aimed at both pharmaceutical and food markets is the one-piece 38/400 PS-385 Polycam which is claimed to offer easy access and safe storage for tablets and snack foods.

It features an exceptionally wide 28.5mm orifice, which is almost the same internal diameter as the bottleneck, for easy content viewing and dispensing.

Both Polycams can be produced with an arc seal for compatibility with standard bottlenecks. For barrier protection they are available with a range of heat induction liners to suit multi-layer containers. A soft-touch ergonomic thumb lift is incorporated.