UK food carton printer Benson Box has chosen Fujifilm’s Brillia LH-PIE CTP plate, as it works with UV inks on medium print runs without the need for baking or pre-heating. It is said to be the first plate of its of its kind to achieve this. The fact that an oven is not required has released valuable production space for potential new machinery and saved considerable time for the operators, who no longer need to walk between the platesetter and the oven.

Hedley Corcoran, operations manager at Benson Box, says: “The need for manual handling has been decreased radically and we are also seeing a significant saving in electricity costs as we no longer need to power an oven.”

The Brillia LH-PIE uses Fujifilm¹s patented multigrain technology, said to deliver rich tonal values, exceptional dot resolution and an easily maintained ink/water balance. It has a run length of 200,000 impressions and 100,000 impressions when used with UV inks.


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