Synthetic paper specialist Paperfeel has established a dedicated test facility at its Peterborough, UK, headquarters.

Technical director Geoff Southwell has pioneered the development of the innovative three-layered PE film, said to be strong and moisture resistant like plastics, with the texture, print quality and folding characteristics of paper. “Increasingly we are producing ‘made to order’ Paperfeel films to meet the technical, functional, economic and aesthetic requirements of a client,” he explains. “The test facility has become essential to create a film with the right profile and ensure consistency during production.”

Paperfeel uses proprietary formulations to create a three-layered film. Each of the layers can perform a different function: the inner surface can be low friction for ease of filling, the middle layer a stiffener, and the outside high friction to prevent slippage and to create an excellent print surface.

Computerized quality testing and recording equipment ensures that every sample is traceable and can be reproduced exactly, the compan states.

Niche applications include petfood sacks where a non-slip outside surface and high quality print is required, specialist food wrappings for products such as cheese with a barrier layer to exclude odours, an outside parchment layer for aesthetics, magazine wrapping and all-weather labels and posters.


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