Past unaffordable foiling effects, now affordable with SWIFT

Past unaffordable foiling effects, now affordable with SWIFT

Massless vacuum technology allows maximum productivity with foil saving inline and high precision on holograms.

SWIFT from Pantec GS Systems` allows past impossible speeds for inline narrow web hot foil saving and hologram applications. Its unique vacuum foil management systems plays a key role. Depending upon the design requirements, the SWIFT can employ up to six registered hologram streams combined with up to 15 foil saving streams. At its speed of up to 20 holograms / sec, SWIFT places a total of 200’000 holograms per hour with only three holograms streams. This high productivity is possible since the foil motion system runs basically without moving any other masses than the servo motor itself. At the same time the massless vacuum technology enables very high precision on hologram placing. The system works with easily movable vacuum walls, which allows changing the number of foil streams as well as their width easily. Therefore the set-up time with SWIFT is short.

"Thanks to the massless vacuum technology the SWIFT is very adept in going inline into printing presses. Foil saving inline makes hot foil stamping viable for markets, where cold foiling – where no saving is possible – or offline foil stamping was too inefficient. The additional step of offline finishing with holograms and other expensive foils can now be eliminated" explains Pantec GS Systems CEO Peter Frei about the decisive benefits.

For pharmaceutical, cosmetics and tobacco industries, it is economically much more attractive to stamp prestige holograms effects onto cartons, all the while protecting their packaging from brand pirates. Packaging for body & healthcare industries in turn, can be done inline, using attractive, sparkling holographic effects, recently enhanced with lens effect foils. Thanks to the innovative foil saving function, the embossed elements are placed side by side at intervals of less than one millimeter, reducing the usual conventional hot or cold foil systems foil waste drastically. Until now, 50 to 90% foil waste was not uncommon. Previously lens foils could only be laminated. This cost factor which made the finish with lenses in many cases uneconomical now falls away. Thanks to SWIFT, security printers can now use roll to roll printing machines, thus increasing both the efficiency and the safety of their production processes significantly, by substantially reducing the number and complexity of their process steps.

The benefits of inline finishing with the foil saving function have increasingly been recognized in the narrow web sector as well. For example, the globally active security printing company Brady Corporation, which recently announced their SWIFT installation at their manufacture in Milwaukee, Wisconsin / USA. The company is generating hologram security labels for their customers with significant reduction in production costs.

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