A new Unilever non-dairy creamer is said to be the world’s first aseptically-filled neutral pH product packed in a PET bottle featuring a snap-on cap without the aluminium foil seal traditionally required to maintain product integrity.

The 250ml white PET bottle, supplied as a preform by Amcor PET Packaging Europe/Asia, is the result of a close working partnership between the company, Unilever and cap manufacturer Zeller. Amcor’s longstanding expertise in PET preform production was critical in ensuring total compatibility between the cap and perform – essential to allow elimination of the foil seal.

The seal’s removal maximises consumer convenience for the new product, which first went on sale in September 2003 under several different brand names, including Blue Band Finesse voor Koken in the Netherlands, Solo Delifine in Belgium and Planta Fin Cuisson Malice in France. Unilever expects the product to eventually be available throughout northern Europe.

A PET bottle was chosen for the material’s flexibility in producing the bespoke design created by Unilever. In addition, the easy integration of the bottle blowmoulding process into the manufacturing operation was seen as an advantage, particularly for its speed in responding to market demand.

The creamer is aseptically cold filled to provide a 5-month ambient shelf life.